Prayers of the Heart

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 “May all people’s hearts be purified; may all societies be in harmony; and may the world be free of disasters.” Year after year, Dharma Master Cheng Yen offers these three prayers. In this book, she shares how her three prayers can become reality—by practicing good speech, doing good deeds and making good vows.

Through good speech, we can purify people’s hearts. Positive words bring blessings, and negative words bring misfortune. If we hope to purify people’s hearts, we must constantly speak good words as a way of blessing ourselves and others. Practicing good deeds brings harmony to society. The state of society depends on every individual; if everyone performs good deeds, then society will naturally be harmonious. Good vows have the power to eliminate disasters from the world. Forming aspirations brings blessings, and making vows brings strength. If all our thoughts and efforts are oriented toward goodness, and our prayers are followed by great aspirations and vows, we can eliminate the negative collective karma of sentient beings and, thus, free the world from disasters.


Master Cheng Yen hopes that everyone continue to create good conditions and nurture good affinities every day, every hour, and every second. If we can always be mindful of doing this, the world will be free from disasters, all societies will be in harmony, and every family will live in peace. Then everyone will be blessed!