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  • Wisdom in Every Room

    Wisdom in Every Room

    Jing Si Aphorisms in U.S. Hotels

    It’s common to find a Christian Bible tucked in a drawer in most hotel and motel rooms in the United States. Given today’s diverse society, guests in many establishments can now also request and obtain books representing other faiths.

    Tzu Chi volunteers are passionate about the wisdom encapsulated in Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms: Although they’re rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, they echo the universal truths taught by sages through the ages. And so, a group of volunteers sought to distribute collections of Jing Si Aphorisms within the hospitality industry.



    Thanks to generous donors, they published over 100,000 books, each presenting the text in four languages – English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese – then set out to make them available in hotels and motels in their region. At first, local managers were skeptical, but those who glanced inside the books and read a few passages, discovered the ageless truths they contain, of benefit to everyone regardless of culture or faith, and welcomed the publications.

    Today, you can find books of Jing Si Aphorisms in over 700 hotels across the United States.


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  • LA Times Festival of Books

    LA Times Festival of Books

    LA Times Festival of Books Booth# 956

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    Read Dharma Master Cheng Yen's Wisdom in our books and find out more information about Jing Si products.


    Jing Si Books

  • Jing Si Books

    Jing Si Books

    Our educational books comprise a collection that includes Buddhist teachings, practical spiritual advice for daily life, and illustrated stories for children.


    We offer publications of Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms – succinct observations that reveal the essence of the Buddhist path – along with books that introduce important Buddhist Sutras and provide detailed commentary about how to apply the teachings and grow in compassion and wisdom by going among people to help those suffering and in need.   


    Our books for children complement the collection, offering moral guidance and introducing environmental awareness and the benefits of a vegetarian diet through simple words and lovely illustrations that will delight young readers.

    For those seeking to learn about Buddhism or deepen their path, these books can draw the whole family together, with lessons that echo the same underlying message of the necessity to cultivate ourselves and develop genuine compassion for all sentient beings, while protecting Mother Earth who sustains life for us all.


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  • Jing Si Soap

    Jing Si Soap

    Jing Si Soaps are handmade by the Buddhist nuns who reside at the Jing Si Abode in Hualien, Taiwan, and Tzu Chi volunteers who joyfully contribute many hours of labour.

    While Jing Si soap is utterly pure and simple, the environmentally-conscious production process is complex to ensure that it’s entirely non-polluting and respects the precious life force of nature.


    The process begins with gathering botanicals in the Jing Si Garden next to the abode. Protecting their living energy, the upper portion of each plant is cut in a way that won’t inhibit its continued growth. After 13 trims, seeds are harvested and re-planted, while the remaining root is composted to nourish the next generation of plants.

    Then, a complex process begins at the Jing Si Soap Factory, perfected to uphold Master Cheng Yen’s strict demands of environmental protection. Knowing the health benefits of Cypress, wood shavings from construction that would otherwise be thrown away are gathered and cooked, the resulting condensed water forming the base for our soaps. The powder of the botanical plants, obtained naturally by drying them in the sun, is added, along with five types of oil, the combination of ingredients with different properties leading to a wondrous coalescence that creates Jing Si soap.    

    The soap is cut into bars by hand, then carefully tended and dried over two months.

    No fragrances or colors are added, so the product is completely authentic.


    Therein lies the message of Jing Si soap: To embrace what is genuine and real without seeking artificial excitement, and to appreciate nature’s gifts to their full potential. Even the scraps that remain from cutting our soap into bars are retrieved, as are batches that don’t coalesce and become laundry detergent.


    Each bar of soap you purchase truly is imbued with blessings born from the positive energy of all the people whose hands crafted it with love, their good wishes coming directly to you.




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