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Jing Si Recipes


Our founder, Master Cheng Yen, teaches us that we should devote our time toward carrying out good deeds each day, cultivating good karma with all sentient beings. By following a vegetarian diet, we can protect our planet, gather good karma, and be in harmony with the earth. Positive change begins with just one person, and if we all choose to eat consciously, we can help halt the progression of climate change one day at a time.


淨斯食譜 / Jing Si Vegan Recipes 



The Jing Si creative recipes combine the creativity of countless talents, and use of our Jing Si ingredients, for these simple and delicious recipes for you! 

Jing Si vegan products are all vegan, with no fragrance added, no chemical additives, and no preservatives. What is eaten into the body is not only healthy, but also full of blessings.


點心類 / Pastry 



  • 中筋麵粉250 g
  • 淨斯五穀粉50g ( 或是其他穀粉)
  • 快速酵母3g
  • 白糖 3g
  • 豆漿150 ml (10ml 靜思豆漿粉+溫水)
Cooking Methods:



  • 皮:
    • 脫皮綠豆397 克
    • 糖260-280克 
    • 秋薑黃粉2小匙
    • 紅麴粉少量
    • 麻芛粉少量
    • 茶葉少量
  • 餡(每個):
    • 綠豆泥4克
    • 黑芝麻粉2.5克
    • 白芝麻1.2克
    • 蜂蜜 2.3克
Cooking Methods:
外皮:脫皮綠豆用電鍋煮熟,在外鍋加2杯水,重複此步驟三次。煮熟後,過篩加入糖,炒至Q 而不黏手。最後加入秋薑黃粉和紅麴粉染色。蒂頭則用麻芛粉和茶葉染色。



  • 淨斯無糖五穀粉 75g
  • 淨斯二十二味五穀粉 75g
  • 淨斯山藥杏仁風味粉 35g
  • 淨斯香積果仁素香鬆 150g
  • 橄欖油 13g
    Cooking Methods:
    烤箱預熱後,350 F華氏度,烤15分鐘


    營養簡餐 / Meal 



    • 米紙
    • 淨斯香積麵(可選任意口味麵餅)
    • 生菜
    • 小黃瓜
    • 豆包
    • 紫甘藍
    • 九層塔少許
    • 薄荷少許
    • 醬料 / Sauce Ingredients
      • 淨斯秋薑黃粉 半茶匙
      • 淨斯二十二味五穀粉 50g
      • 蜂蜜 4茶匙
      • 檸檬汁 少許
      • 鹽少許
      • 冷開水100g
      Cooking Methods:



      Vegetarianism means disciplining ourselves cherishing our own lives and respecting all living beings.

      - 恭錄自證嚴法師靜思語 -

      - Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen -


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