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Dharma as Water Vol 2 - Jing Si Books & Cafe

Dharma as Water Vol 2

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The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance, also known as Water Repentance, written by Tang Dynasty Dharma Master Wu-da, is an explanation of the power of karma and the strength of repentance. It catalogues the innumerable afflictions and obstacles that Bodhisattva-practitioners encounter on their journey of spiritual practice. And it presents a practice of repentance to eliminate these obstacles. 

Dharma as Water consists of three volumes. It is a compilation of five years of lectures taught by Master Cheng Yen. The first volume of the book is an introduction followed by an explanation of how to cultivate the Seven States of Mind that are used in repentance practice.  

The second volume covers the Obstruction of Afflictions. Each chapter of the main teaching begins with a selection of text from the Water Repentance over a gray background, and is followed by Master Cheng Yen’s explanation. It is our hope that this English version will serve as an inspiration for Bodhisattva-practitioners all over the world. We hope that people will come together to study and practice these repentance teachings, and in doing so, bring purity to their minds and to the world.