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Black Tea Soft Candy - Jing Si Books & Cafe

Black Tea Soft Candy

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Net weight: 300g ± 10g

Ingredients: Maltose, Carrageenan, Black Tea Powder, Coconut Oil

成分: 麦芽糖、鹿角菜胶、小叶红茶粉、椰子油 

Q苓膏软糖选用三义茶园友善生态栽种之小叶红茶&乌龙茶原(枝)料经磨粉,並佐以麦芽糖和植物胶质为基底熬煮制成,无添加香料、色素,使软糖呈现自然剔透之茶褐色和自然茶香,且口感软中带Q,甜而不膩,让您吃得安心、无负担。 适合做为一般家庭、上班族平日方便取得之休闲茶食,建议可搭配净斯茶一同食用,邀您细细品尝小叶红茶&乌龙茶不同口感的馀韵茶香。

Black Tea Soft Candy is made of ecologically grown black tea from Jing Si Tea Farm situated on Sanyi Mountain facing Taiwan Strait. Black Tea Soft Candy is made by grinded tea leaves which are then cooked with maltose and carrageenan as the base, without adding any fragrance and artificial colors, making the soft candy naturally transparent The tea brown and natural tea fragrance, allows you to eat at ease without burden. It is suitable for everyone especially families and office workers at tea time.

It is recommended that it can be eaten together with a cup of comforting Jing Si Tea.


**Pure natural crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and non-toxic farming methods


**Toward an original, natural, pollution-free life