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Valentine’s Day Tea for Two – 靜思情人節下午茶 – 【The Sound of Tea 一盅好茶】- Jing Si USA

Valentine’s Day Tea for Two

What’s better than a romantic afternoon tea for this quarantine Valentine’s day 2021. Check out this video to see how Dr Sally share her Jing Si Rose black tea and the lovely music.

Jing Si Amber Rose Black Tea

Weight: 6g
Water amount: 300~350ml
Water temperature: 90C (185F)
Steeping duration: 3 minutes


1. Heat up the water kettle. After boiling, let it sit for 3 minutes with the lid closed. Or, with an open lid for 1 minute.
2. Warm up the teapot thoroughly with hot water
3. Discant the water from teapot to another tea sharing jug
4. Place the tea leaves into teapot, and pour the proper amount of hot water
5. Let it steep for 3 minutes
6. Transfer the tea liquor to the warmed sharing jug
    *This tea can be brewed for another 2-3 times. Steep longer if stronger taste is desired.


    Dr. Sally Wei

    Dr. Sally Wei is an accomplished classical pianist who has merged her love of music with another passion: tea.
    A Certified Tea Sommelier by the United Kingdom Tea Academy and Tea Educator for Tzu Chi Foundation (USA), Dr. Sally is a popular lecturer in Tea Festivals around the United States. She combines her love and knowledge of tea with Eastern philosophy and Western etiquette to show us how tea can enrich our lives, relationships and mindsets. She is also a certified Tzu Chi Commissioner.
     Jing Si Books and Café Bask in the aroma of books and tea, and the fragrance of humanity
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