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Jing Si Large Oatmeal (Plain Oat) / 大燕麥 (1KG) Best by 12/12/2024

Jing Si Large Oatmeal (Plain Oat) / 大燕麥 (1KG) Best by 12/12/2024

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The original intention of taking care of the congregation's health led to the idea of ​​launching this Jing Si Large Oatmeal. Considering that most people have this demand, we carefully select the materials, and pass strict national standards to ensure food safety! Although many brands have launched similar products on the market, Jing Si hopes to serve more people and take care of their daily needs with a sincere heart. We also hope to attract more human bodhisattvas to the community through this nutritional supplement and harmonize society.

Ingredients: Oatmeals

成分:燕麥 (澳洲進口)

The Best Shelf Life for this batch is best before 12/12/2024


Storage method: Please keep in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and moisture. After opening, please keep it sealed and consume as soon as possible.


How to eat: It can be eaten directly after opening. No cooking is required. It can be directly brewed with boiling water or mixed with various drinks such as Jing Si Instant Mix for better flavor.


Allergy Information: This product contains gluten and soybean. Made in facility that processes apricot kernels, ginkgo nut and sesame.


**Pure natural crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and non-toxic farming methods


**Toward an original, natural, pollution-free life