Jing Si Black Tea Bag

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Jing Si Tea is produced in the cool mountains of Taiwan under the most optimal environmental conditions and cultivated by hand. It is truly a gift from nature. To be harmonious with nature's rhythms, only organic farming techniques are used. No chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides are involved in growing these tea leaves. Leaves are picked at optimal times according to the season. No preservatives, artificial colorings, and fragrances are added. Learn more

Ingredients: Jing Si Black Tea Bag
Quantity: 30 counts

Directions for making Jing Si Tea

  • Oolong: steep tea bag in 85-92 C hot water for 20-30 seconds before pouring the tea.
  • Black tea: steep tea bag in 85 C hot water for 10-15 seconds before pouring the tea.