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Jade (Cuyiu) Oolong Tea 100g - 翠玉烏龍茶 轉韻 100g Best by 2/24/2026

Jade (Cuyiu) Oolong Tea 100g - 翠玉烏龍茶 轉韻 100g Best by 2/24/2026

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Jade(Cuyiu) Oolong Tea 100g - 翠玉烏龍茶 (轉韻)100g


Net Weight: 100g ± 4.5g
Ingredients: Oolong Tea


Jing Si Tea is produced in the cool mountains of Taiwan under the most optimal environmental conditions and cultivated by hand. It is truly a gift from nature. To be harmonious with nature's rhythms, only organic farming techniques are used. No chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides are involved in growing these tea leaves. Leaves are picked at optimal times according to the season. No preservatives, artificial colorings, and fragrances are added. Learn more


Directions for making Jing Si Tea

  • Oolong: steep tea bag in 85-92 C hot water for 20-30 seconds before pouring the tea.

The shelf life for Jing Si Tea products is two years.



静思茶 - 自然生態茶園的禮物

尊重土地 - 保持土地自然之有機狀態

關懷生態 - 不使用除草劑、農藥、化肥

順應節氣 - 依四季節氣採收,自然化成

敬天愛地 - 不以人工介入方式來改變土地生態


Jing Si Tea is truly a gift from nature, grown under idyllic geographic conditions in Taiwan and processed organically by experts with four generations of experience.

The farm is managed by a team of farmers who have devoted their lives to this organic venture, applying great skill and constant vigilance to assure that Jing Si Tea is grown and processed naturally.

High on the mountain, without electricity or irrigation systems, they rely on grass cultivation: The growing grass retains rainwater and keeps the soil moist, nourishing the tea plants without the need for artificial fertilizers or herbicides. The farm doesn’t use pesticides either, but Mother Nature provides support with flocks of birds that help control the number of pests.


**Pure natural crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and non-toxic farming methods

**Toward an original, natural, pollution-free life