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Jing Si Tea


Jing Si Tea is truly a gift from nature, grown under idyllic geographic conditions in Taiwan and processed organically by experts with four generations of experience.


Jing Si Tea Farm is situated on Sanyi Mountain facing the Taiwan Strait, in a perfect ecosystem that benefits from a regular fine mist of rain. The 26-hectare farm is cradled amid a forest spreading out over 230 hectares, a veritable oasis with the trees keeping the pollution of urban areas at bay.  

The farm is managed by a team of farmers who have devoted their lives to this organic venture, applying great skill and constant vigilance to assure that Jing Si Tea is grown and processed naturally.

High on the mountain, without electricity or irrigation systems, they rely on grass cultivation: The growing grass retains rainwater and keeps the soil moist, nourishing the tea plants without the need for artificial fertilizers or herbicides. The farm doesn’t use pesticides either, but Mother Nature provides support with flocks of birds that help control the number of pests.

And when it’s harvest time, a short window of an optimal few days, a crew of Tzu Chi volunteers will arrive and work long hours, carefully picking the leaves at different stages of maturity to allow the making of various types of tea. Their labor is vital, yet they do it out of love for what this tea represents and how it supports the Jing Si Abode. Finally, our tea is processed in a time-sensitive and precise multi-stage manner, producing the delicious black, green, and oolong tea you can enjoy. 

Drink it alone, letting the aroma and taste soothe and bring peace of mind, or share it with family and friends, drawing everyone closer together as you leave your worries behind. May time stand still as you appreciate the beauty of nature and the heartfelt dedication of those who make our tea. At that moment, know that the Buddhist nuns at the Jing Si Abode are enjoying the same tea as they study and spread the precious message of Dharma.



Jing Si Tea

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