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Jing Si Rice

Jing Si Rice is made by Master Cheng Yen’s Buddhist nuns in Taiwan. This versatile instant rice, which can be prepared using hot or cold water, is available in delicious vegetarian flavors and in its natural taste. Whatever the dish, whether hearty or light, this rice can be the perfect base at the heart of your meal. What makes Jing Si rice truly special, is the history behind its creation and the spiritual philosophy behind it.

When Tzu Chi was providing disaster relief in Mainland China in 2006, Master Cheng Yen noticed that many elderly people were coming down from the mountains in need of food. The bags of rice they were given were heavy and cooking would demand things they might not have. She envisioned a rice that was light to carry and could easily be ready to eat, and entrusted Master DeHan, one of her disciples with the task of inventing such a product. It would take over two years to perfect the process, and today, Jing Si Rice is produced following the method Master DeHan invented.

The rice is grown organically in the lush mountains of Taiwan, the purity of nature soaking into every grain, then transformed with innovation. Steamed in an eco-friendly way that uses a minimal amount of water, electricity, and manpower, the rice is then dried carefully, making sure none of the kernels are crushed, and packaged for shipment to your home.

As you enjoy its ease of preparation and natural taste, you can also savor how Jing Si Rice means so much in disaster relief situations. It was first offered in Haiti following the massive earthquake in 2010, and continues to provide vital nourishment to people around the world who are enduring urgent circumstances.

Jing Si rice is also the main staple food at the Jing Si Abode in Taiwan, allowing the nuns to spend less time on meal preparation, devoting themselves to the study of Dharma instead.

And that’s the message this rice brings to you in every pure and natural grain:  

Eating Jing Si Rice is one way we can lead a simple life, and offer our energy to benefit others, rather than seeking to fulfill endless personal desires and tastes.


Jing Si Rice Flavors

Broccoli Brown RiceCornMixed VegetablesTomato and Herb

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  • We were lucky enough after hurricane Laura to recieve this rice from the Beaumont Texas Buddhist. It is so delicious and so kind of them. I truly want to say thank you for your help and kindness

    Ellen M Hickman
  • Hui J Liu and Tianlun Li,Mom and Daughter,

    38228 Peseo Padre Pkwy #8 Fremont Ca 94536

    HUi J Liu Job Hour cut, But need to to pay rent, So money are tied, Please contact Annie when delivery

    Annie Li

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