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  • Jing Si Books

    Jing Si Books

    Our educational books comprise a collection that includes Buddhist teachings, practical spiritual advice for daily life, and illustrated stories for children.


    We offer publications of Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms – succinct observations that reveal the essence of the Buddhist path – along with books that introduce important Buddhist Sutras and provide detailed commentary about how to apply the teachings and grow in compassion and wisdom by going among people to help those suffering and in need.   


    Our books for children complement the collection, offering moral guidance and introducing environmental awareness and the benefits of a vegetarian diet through simple words and lovely illustrations that will delight young readers.

    For those seeking to learn about Buddhism or deepen their path, these books can draw the whole family together, with lessons that echo the same underlying message of the necessity to cultivate ourselves and develop genuine compassion for all sentient beings, while protecting Mother Earth who sustains life for us all.


    Jing Si Books









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