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Multi-Grain Instant Mix - Jing Si Books & Cafe

Multi-Grain Instant Mix

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Ingredients: Grains and Beans (Soybeans, Job’s Tears, Oats, Buckwheat, Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice, Hard Red Wheat, Corn, Millet, Red Beans, Mung Beans, Black Eyed-Peas, Green Peas, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Pearl Barley), Sugar, Malt Extract Powder (Barley, Malt), Soy Lecithin, Mixed Chinese Herbs (Chinese Yam, Gorgon Fruit, Bulbus Lili, Lotus Seed, Poria, Ginkgo Nut), Salt, Green Tea Extract


Preparations: Add 130cc of water to 25g (About 3.5 tablespoons) of powder and mix well. Mixture concentrations can be adjusted according to personal preferences. Solid sediment found at the bottom of the mixing is from natural grain material and is safe to consume.

Allergy Information: This product contains gluten, soybean and ginkgo nut. Made in facility that processes apricot kernels and sesame.


**Pure natural crops without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and non-toxic farming methods


**Toward an original, natural, pollution-free life