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"Jing Si" was our founder’s name before she was ordained as a Buddhist nun, and was given the Dharma name of Master Cheng Yen. It was a constant reminder to mindfully cultivate the purity of the heart and contemplate the deeper meaning of life, while being of benefit to others and protecting the environment. Master Cheng Yen went on to establish Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in 1966, an international humanitarian charity organization with its global base in Taiwan. Within the world of Tzu Chi, Jing Si has come to represent the founder’s lineage and teachings, many of which are published as Jing Si Aphorisms - pithy observations that reveal the essence of the Buddhist path, inspire wisdom, and provide guidance for daily living.





What makes Jing Si products even more special, is that the proceeds from sales support the Jing Si Abode in Hualien, Taiwan, where Master Cheng Yen and her nuns reside. From the very start, Master and her nuns took a vow of “no work, no meal,” and so they are self-reliant and don’t accept donations for their livelihood, but work long hours daily.

Most of our products are made by the nuns at the abode and Tzu Chi volunteers, and carry a spiritual and environmental message. Theirs is a mission to spread love, help those in need, and protect Mother Earth. Your purchase of Jing Si products contributes to this noble heartfelt mission.


The Jing Si Abode also plays a vital role in the humanitarian charity work of Tzu Chi Foundation, as it is spiritual home for all Tzu Chi volunteers and supporters worldwide. They assemble here to strengthen their spiritual practice and obtain guidance from their teacher, Master Cheng Yen. They also find inspiration and learn from one another as they share their experience on the path of serving others. It is thanks to their steadfast volunteer work and generosity that Tzu Chi can continuously offer disaster relief, charity, and free medical care around the globe. Each product you buy also helps to make this support for them possible.

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