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The Saver of the Almond Tree

The Saver of the Almond Tree - Jing Si Books & Cafe

The Saver of the Almond Tree is one of the Master Cheng Yen Tells Stories series. This book contains three stories: “The Man in White”, “Empress Komyo”, and “The Saver of the Almond Tree”.  All the stories make this book very abundant and diversified, explaining profound meanings in simple language. The stories remind us things like: (1) Those who realize the beauty of life are with kindness and virtue. They know how to seize the moment to love and protect life. (2) When we do good deeds and give to others, we should think of it as our duty. We must be careful or not let our pure minds be corrupted by arrogance! (3) We should treat everyone equally and form good affinities with everyone with a sincere heart. Only then are we living with wisdom.

Through colorful illustrations, stories become more interesting. And basic values are passed down to the next generation. With easy-to-understand bilingual text (Traditional Chinese with pinyin and English), this book helps non-Chinese readers to learn Chinese and Chinese readers to learn English.

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