The Lamb’s Tears

The Lamb’s Tears
This is another book from the series, “Master Cheng Yen Tells Stories.” It contains three short stories: “Pots in the River,” “The Lamb’s Tears,” and “Seeking Longevity.” Involving diverse characters and different cultures. These stories explain profound Buddhist teachings in succinct and easy-to-understand language. Some of these teachings include the following: 

1.Doing Good is like putting oil in a pot; doing evil is like putting stones in a pot. When life ends, good karma will rise to heaven while negative karma will sink to hell. This is a fact that cannot be changed. Others cannot help you be reborn to a blessed life. 

2.All that we do in life follows the cycle of cause and effect. Our happiness or misfortune is determined by the direction of our thoughts.

3.Some people are too concerned with themselves and lose their natural compassion for others. This results in even more negative karma and leads to painful retributions. We should always take good care of our minds so as to be honest and pure all the time. 

4.Where people are reborn depends entirely on what they have done in their lifetimes. We should approach all things in the world with a proper attitude. Our slightest thoughts, speech, and actions must be good and avoid evil.”

Filled with interesting and colorful illustrations that appeal to children, the stories seek to inculcate wholesome values and virtues in the young. With easy-to-understand bilingual text (Traditional Chinese with pinyin and English), this book is ideal for non-Chinese readers to learn Chinese and Chinese readers to learn English. 

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