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Reminders under the Sala Trees

Reminders under the Sala Trees - Jing Si Books & Cafe

 The Sutra of the Buddha’s Bequeathed Teachings was originally called “Teachings and Precepts Given by the Buddha as He Was About to Enter Parinirvana.” Its teachings form a foundation for all Buddhist practitioners, and can lead to the attainment of the ultimate goal of Buddhahood. 

In this sutra, the Buddha reminded his disciples one final time how to take care of their own hearts and how to maintain their spiritual practice after he was gone; he again reminded his disciples to have correct thoughts, to diligently practice precepts, Samadhi, and wisdom, and to eliminate greed, anger and ignorance. 

In her explanation, Dharma Master Cheng Yen relates this key teaching in the Buddhist tradition to our modern lives. By applying these teachings in our lives, we can improve ourselves and grow in our spiritual practice. 

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