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Life Economics

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These years, Dharma Master Cheng Yen is deeply worried about the raising ecological crisis, climate changing and human strife. In order to reduce these problems, Master Cheng Yen carries out the idea of making good use of our time to benefit others, and broaden our minds and step out from our personal spaces to help and care for one another.

This book contains three chapters: Time, Space, and Interpersonal Relationships. Each chapter discussed general introduction and followed with the stories from Buddhist text and today’s true stories. These are the life wisdom we could apply to our daily life and positively influence one another.

Time ── Time through a Microscope, Time Flies; Time Crawls, Making Each Moment Count

This chapter we will find out how Master Cheng Yen distinctively sees time, cherish time, and how to

make good use of our time.

Space ── Penetrating Space, The Measure of Happiness

From the space of our mind to the space of universe, in this chapter, we will know more about 

Master Cheng Yen’s expanded vision and aspiration, this is also a compass of today’s environment and ecology.

Interpersonal Relationships ── Initiate the Cycle of Love, Achieving Harmony among People, Matters, and Principles, Building a Vision of Beauty and Benevolence

How do we start to create the good affinities with others in our family, schools and society. When good people accumulate the great cycle of love, soon our society and environment will full of harmony.