Jing Si Aphorisms for Youth

Jing Si Aphorisms for Youth

Character is the core of education.  Dharma Master Cheng Yen once said that in education we should teach with morality and nurture with virtue.  Appreciation, respect, and love are the international etiquette.  The book targeting at young readers selects eighty pieces of Jing Si Aphorisms (in Chinese and English) and divided them into three parts according to the three core values: appreciation, respect, and love. It illustrates filial piety, charity, perseverance, cooperation, forgiveness, brotherhood, etiquettes, self-cultivation, responsibility, confidence, etc.  It is hoped that young readers will leaf through the book from time to time, keep a piece of Jing Si Aphorism in mind, and carry it out in daily life.

  • In color printing and very suitable for young people .

  • The key to success is good character.  Every piece of Jing Si Aphorism is the embodiment of good character and provides the youth with the right life values.

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