Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

 ” Heaven and Hell contains three short stories: “The Treasure Hunt,” “The Guard Dog,” and “Heaven and Hell.” Involving diverse characters and different cultures, these stories explain the following teachings in succinct and easy-to-understand language.   

1.We should use our material possessions wisely and make good use of our bodies when we are healthy. If we work to benefit others, we will not waste our lives.

2.If we cannot rein in our thoughts and desires, our attachments will become deeply rooted. Once this happens, we will not only have negative habitual tendencies in this life, we may even bring them to our future lives!

3.We must not become arrogant when people praise us, and we must also not be discouraged by unfair criticisms. Only then are we truly practicing spiritual cultivation. 

4.Our thoughts and actions create heaven or hell. Instead of worrying whether we will end up in heaven or hell, we should set our hearts and minds in the right direction.

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