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We offer a selection of quality eco-friendly products, many of which carry an important environmental message by discouraging the use of disposable eating utensils, dishes, and grocery bags.

Did you know that every year, 6 million tons of non-durable plastics are discarded worldwide? While on the go, plastic forks, knives, spoons, glasses, and dishes may be convenient, but we can’t ignore what happens after they’re tossed in the trash. Sadly, 85% of the plastic we discard isn’t recycled but goes to landfills. And that’s not the end of the story, as 8.8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, placing hundreds of marine species at risk of extinction.

Disposable wood and paper products aren’t the answer either if you take into account the millions of trees that are sacrificed for single-use products, and the pollutants that go into their manufacture. It is estimated that over 25 million mature trees (over 20 years old) are cut yearly to make disposable chopsticks. As for things like paper plates, the impact of the paper products industry on global forests and their biodiversity, in addition to the heavy carbon footprint of manufacturing, packaging, and transport, should truly cause us to reflect on our daily choices.

More than ever, we must each do our part to protect Mother Earth.

Through simple lifestyle changes and a heightened awareness about our environmental footprint, we can make a positive difference today, and improve the future prospects for our children and grandchildren.


We hope to encourage people to do more than just recycle, by avoiding disposable products altogether. Let’s carry our own eating utensils, bowl, and reusable utility or grocery bag as we can head out each day, confident that we won’t add to the enormous amount of trash that humanity is generating at this point in time. In fact, most Tzu Chi volunteers do so, then sleep better at night, knowing that they’re doing their part to protect the planet and the wellbeing of future generations.


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